Administration service

(c) Beata Szparagowska

L'L offers an administration service and provides services in the area of social legislation to non-profit organizations and de facto associations.
This service is open to any person or association (L'L residents or not) governed by Belgian law.

Two key areas of work:

1° Administration:

Assistance with any of the formalities that need to be fulfilled when setting up a non-profit organization or de facto association.

- Filling out the necessary paperwork

- Assistance with the drawing up of the articles of association;

- Document management with a view to filing them with the office of the commercial court;

- Assistance and explanations in matters of accounts management (organization of files relating to purchases, sales, wages, credit notes, etc.).


2° Social legislation:

Management of payroll administration and answering any questions regarding social legislation specific to artists.

- DIMONA statements*;

- Artists' contracts (gross, National Office for Social Security, income tax on wages (PAYE), etc.);

- Calculation of wages (payroll, C4, 281.101 forms, 325 records, etc.);

- Multifunctional declaration (DMFA);

- PAYE statement;

- Forwarding official documents to the various relevant authorities.


Contact: Jean-Michel Bukasa Lubüngu

T: +32 (0)2 502 26 70+32 (0)2 502 26 70
F: +32 (0)2 513 40 13


*Note: Dimona (Déclaration IMmédiate/ONmiddellijke Aangifte) is an electronic system all employers are requested to use to register a new employee with the National Office for Social Security (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid, RSZ).