Peripheral activities

(c) Beata Szparagowska


Exhibitions of young writers/photographers and training of curators in a cultural environment

Art Direction: Jean-Marc Bodson

For all artists, the first line is undoubtedly the most difficult to write. Especially when this first line is the start of a curriculum vitae. It is also without doubt the most decisive as it is the key to future experiences.
For many years, L’L has been giving young artists this option – especially those in the performing arts – the opportunity to create an initial, possibly initiatory work.
Two years ago, the photographer Beata Szparagowska was offered a residency with this mindset. Successfully, since her work – not to mention the beautiful book (published by Caillou Bleu, under the patronage of Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) which was dedicated to it – procured her amazing visibility.
From this season, L'L will each year give three young writers/photographers the opportunity not only to exhibit but also to be advised and sponsored for the occasion. A kind of welcome recognition, for by exhibiting, artists expose their inner self, and especially move up... to the front line.
Each of these exhibitions will be bolstered by collaborations with other institutions – networking often providing the opportunity to prolong the experience –, by a publication, or by opening them to other media.

EXPO #1 Pierre Liebaert / 08.11.2012 > 08.12.2012

EXPO #2 Leone Julitte / 13.12.2012 > 16.02.2013
EXPO #3 Zaza Bertrand / 21.02.2013 > 20.04.2013
EXPO #4 Martina Melilli / 16.10.2013 > 29.11.2013
EXPO #5 Collectif "La Porte Rouge" / 16.01.2014 > 21.02.2014
EXPO #6 Marine Dricot / 28.02.2014 > 26.03.2014
EXPO #7 Laurence Gondon / 12.12.2014 > 23.01.2015



This educational component was established already ten years ago. Ten years of collaboration between L'L and the Educational Department of the Municipality of Ixelles spent raising awareness on contemporary creation in the performing arts, all in close cooperation with the L'L resident artists.
In an effort to integrate L'L within the boundaries of Ixelles (the municipality in which it is located and from which it receives structural and financial support), L'L organizes an annual event linking a school and one or more artists in residence at L'L. The artist(s) is/are responsible for carrying out an art project with students.